PMAR Europe

"PMAR is the best performace conference I've ever attended."
Daniel Siliski, CAIA 


David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM

Conference Moderator

Carl Bacon, CIPM

Guest Speaker

Mark Goodey, Dip IoD

Guest Speaker

What you'll discover at PMAR Europe:

Partial Agenda

  • Pardon the Interruption: An Open Debate, David D. Spaulding, DPS, CIPM; Carl Bacon, CIPM
  • Risk Adjusted Performance Attribution, Mark Goodey, DiP loD
  • Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and Its Impact on Performance, Gregoire Hug
  • Better Ways to Stake out Your Career Path in Performance, Scott Douglas, Northern Trust; Louise Head, Hermes Investment Management; Kam Pouyamajd, SS&C Technologies
  • The Role of Trading in Portfolio Performance Attribution (2018 Dietz Award Winner), Carla Gomes, Ph.D., Portware
  • Handling Illiquid Assets and The Performance Challenges it Creates, Maarten Niederer, Ortec Finance
  • The Evolving World of Fixed Income Attribution, Peter Simmons
  • Handling Multi-Currency Performance Properly, Claude Giguere
  • On the The Hot Seat: Fire Questions at Our Panel of Experts  David Spaulding, DPS, CIPM; Darren Crowley, Pictet Asset Management
  • Performance, Risk, and Attribution Round-tables: An interactive breakout session modeled after the Performance Measurement Forum. This will provide a one-of-a-kind learning and information exchange environment with the capabilities and resources to give today's investment professionals the knowledge necessary to benefit themselves and their organizations.

 15-16 September


9:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Le Meriden Piccadilly

21 Piccadilly

Mayfair, London

Conference Sponsors

Partial List

Ortec Finance
Robust Technologies-logo

"The presenters and content of the presentations at PMAR are second to none. The content attracts attendees who are interested in learning and increasing their own professional knowledge and skills. From a vendor perspective, it is a great audience. PMAR has a lot of credibility with attendees because it doesn't operate on the principal of pay to play. If there are presentations given by vendors, attendees aren’t subjected to a thinly disguised product pitch, but instead get a valuable contribution by an industry thought leader."

-John Norwood, John Norwood Consulting

"For me PMAR is a great opportunity to meet with people from our industry, catch up on latest trends and developments and to mix business with pleasure. The Spaulding Group clearly puts a lot of effort into organizing these events and making them great for exhibitors and attendees alike.” 

– Elske van de Burgt, CFA, Ortec Finance

PMAR provides the best opportunity for sponsors: no other conference gives their sponsors the level of support we do. We are committed to making PMAR a success for you and your firm!


"Thank you very much for organizing a fantastic conference, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as did my colleague.” -Bryan Jones, Canada Life Investments

“I just wanted to congratulate you for the excellent organization of the PMAR conference in Philadelphia. I have attended many conferences in my fairly long career and this last PMAR conference clearly deserves a top decile ranking. My thanks and congratulations to everybody involved with the organization. Another proof that The Spaulding group knows how to do things well.” -Jacques Gagné, Société de l’assurance automobile

“PMAR is an excellent forum for performance measurement professionals to hear the latest thinking from some of the best practitioners in the business. The range of subjects covered definitely makes the time commitment to attend worthwhile.”
-James Edmonds, CFA

“I would recommend the conference to anyone involved in performance and risk analysis. It provides a platform to meet peers, and to present new ideas. I met a lot of contacts which may be useful in the near future so overall I was very happy.”

-Paul Farrar, Sarasin

“It has been a pleasure and an education to participate in PMAR and I am glad that PMAR will be coming back to Europe. The Spaulding Group’s team is in touch with the topics, speakers and opportunities that affect investment performance measurement and are a vital resource to the dissemination of information. PMAR in effect demands the attendance of all Performance Measurement Professionals.”
-Carl Bacon, CIPM

“Bringing PMAR to London attracted  great interest, as the Spaulding events are always informative, motivational and well worth the investment. The program is uniquely universal to all areas of the profession with first rate and talented speakers. It’s clearly not one to be missed!”
-Mark Goodey

“For years, PMAR has been the leading forum in the USA for learning the latest issues, trends and methods in performance and risk attribution.  It’s nice to see that this great event has had success in Europe as well.”
-Jose Menchero, Ph.D., CFA, Dietz Award Recipient

“The ability to be able to discuss operational, technical, resource, financial and strategic challenges in one event is now invaluable. The PMAR event offers that opportunity and should be viewed as a must attend event in London.”
-Jim Trotter

“Having had the opportunity to participate in The Spaulding Group’s PMAR conferences in the States and in Europe, I am especially pleased that they will be bringing the conference back to London. PMAR Europe is an opportunity for all performance, risk, client reporting and attribution professionals to participate in an excellent educational and networking event, led by one of our industries greatest thought leaders, The Spaulding Group.”
-Dr. Stefan Illmer, Illmer Investment Performance Consulting

“PMAR has become the must attend performance and risk conference. From the timely topics to the world class speakers, this conference has it all. It is also entertaining and well organized. Run, don’t walk to this conference.”
-Tom Jacobs, Ivy Investments

“PMAR is the ‘gold standard’ of performance conferences.
PMAR is the best value in conferences by every measure: timely topics, top-notch speakers, world-class administration. And, it’s fun! The contacts I’ve made at PMAR have been invaluable to me. Each time I attend PMAR I come away with confirmation that I’m on the right track, or I find guidance on how to get moving in the right direction.”
-Stephen Campisi, CFA, Dietz Award Recipient

“PMAR is a valuable conference that provides informative topics & material on the various facets of investment performance & attribution. Topics are always timely & relevant as the industry evolves & grows with challenging dimensions.”
-Jenny Tsouvalis, Vice President, OMERS

“I have found PMAR conferences invaluable. These conferences have not only provided me with the necessary up to date skills, they have exposed me to the ‘Frontiers of Recent Developments’ in Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk.Speakers at these conferences are not only leading pioneers in their respective subjects, but are chosen very carefully, so that conference attendees can benefit immensely from their presentations. PMAR conferences to me, are ‘Second to none’. I strongly recommend these conferences to anyone engaged in the business of risk, portfolio performance measurement and attribution.”
-Cephas Masikini, Ph.D

“The best thing about each of the (PMAR) conferences I’ve attended is that I walk away inspired to learn more. I see so many intelligent speakers and attendees with great amounts of experience that it challenges me. I’ve also met a lot of contacts that I can bounce ideas off of.”
-Michael Stevens, Prudential

“PMAR is the most interesting conference in the field”
-Marianne Martin, CFA, CIPM