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Is The Spaulding Group about to launch a performance system?

by | Oct 27, 2015

We’re conducting a “mini survey” dealing with technology, and as a result of how the questions are worded, we’re being asked if The Spaulding Group is about to launch a performance system. There seems to be a rumor going around that we are.

Well, the answer is … (drum roll, please)


While we often get involved with software designs, software reviews, and general software consulting, as well as support clients who develop software, The Spaulding Group won’t be launching its own performance system.

Has The Spaulding Group ever considered offering a system?

Have we ever thought about it? Well, to be honest, yes.

After all, both John Simpson, CIPM and I have designed and built software, including ones for performance measurement. But we decided some time ago that getting into that business is something we’re not inclined to do.

And so, why would someone think we might? Well, perhaps because of the questions we asked in our survey:


We didn’t mean to give folks the impression that The Spaulding Group is about to launch a system, but apparently some have read it that way. Sorry 🙁

As you can see, the survey is very short, and should only take a minute or so to complete. We don’t even ask for you to identify yourself.

The survey will end this coming Friday, October 30.

If you haven’t already joined in, please do so. The survey can be found here. Hope you’ll participate.

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