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Heading west with PMAR West

Heeding the words of Horace Greeley, we're going west ... with PMAR West!!!  PMAR West: an idea whose time has come! I try to be quick to give credit for great ideas, and so I'll give credit for this one ... to me! Yes, this was my idea. I felt that with the success...

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Is midday cash flow treatment acceptable?

Can't decide? Why not "split the difference," and go with a midday cash flow? Occasionally, we hear from firms who just can't decide whether to employ a start- or end-of-day cash flow policy. As you're probably aware, for quite some time I've advocated a "dual"...

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How to assess a pension fund’s performance

This is the time of year when many pension funds report their returns for the prior fiscal year. And often, the reported returns were calculated using a time-weighted method. But, is this appropriate? Or, perhaps, is more needed? In my way of thinking, pension funds,...

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