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Shouldn’t GIPS 20/20 have a logo?

Shouldn't GIPS® 20/20 have its own logo?  That thought occurred to us a couple of months back. In fact, I sent a note to the CFA Institute suggesting it. However, I suspect they're probably a tad too busy to be worrying about a logo. And so, we decided to design one....

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Is your GIPS transparency too revealing?

Erring on the side of transparency In a recent Wall Street Journal editorial ("A Scarlet Title IX Letter," May 8, 2018), the writer spoke of the potential requirement that universities reveal the names of students, past and present, who have "been found responsible...

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A Dozen PMAR Secrets Revealed

A thought occurred to me while I was driving to Bethesda, Maryland today (I will be doing a GIPS® verification here tomorrow). Chances are, most performance measurement professionals, even those who've attended one or more PMAR (Performance Measurement Attribution...

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Some thoughts on GIPS Policies & Procedures

I never had any ambition to write. In fact, I had little interest in studying English, grammar, or any of its related topics. I was always a "math guy," and had somehow concluded (falsely, as it turns out) that you can either be good at math or English, but not both....

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