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GIPS standards 101

A primer on GIPS compliance and verification.


GIPS standards for OCIO/Consultants

What you need to know.

GIPS standards for Asset Owners

How and why should asset owners comply with the GIPS standards?


GIPS Verification Cost

The GIPS standards can be complex.  Our pricing is not.

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What People are Saying About Us

Kevin Maeda, Active Index Advisors (Natixis)

“The Spaulding Group made the entire process of becoming compliant and verified as simple as possible. They cleared away the confusion and explained the complexities of GIPS in a clear, practical way.

I strongly recommend The Spaulding Group to any firm looking for a GIPS verifier.”

Kevin Maeda, Active Index Advisors (Natixis)

David Bourne, Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management

“As a UK company which had not been GIPS verified before, we initially found the verification process extremely daunting, but The Spaulding Group’s guidance and step-by-step process enabled us to understand and comply with the verification process a lot more efficiently. The Spaulding Group’s knowledge and expertise has been of enormous benefit to us as a company. We gladly recommend your services to any institution looking for a GIPS verifier.”

David Bourne, Mitsubishi UFJ Asset Management

Lori J. Waite, AAM Insurance Investment Mangement

“Our firm is completely satisfied having worked with your company on our first GIPS performance verification. After having interviewed several firms, we selected The Spaulding Group. Your firm exceeded our expectations from the initial call to the verification report.”

Lori J. Waite, AAM Insurance Investment Mangement

Robert E. Miller, CFA, Frontier Asset Management

“We’ve worked with The Spaulding Group for almost five years and highly recommend them to any firm looking to become GIPS compliant or considering a change in verifiers. Their verifiers are knowledgeable and they complete their work in a timely manner and are very responsive to our questions.”

Robert E. Miller, CFA, Frontier Asset Management

Muzz Adams, Ninety One

After many years working with the same GIPS verification firm, we recently had the opportunity to change our verifier.  We considered a number of firms, and The Spaulding Group stood out from the pack.

Their professionalism and responsiveness during the sales process, level of knowledge and expertise, highly-experienced team, and unmatched reputation gave us confidence they were the right fit for our firm.

This was confirmed during the verification.  Their process was efficient, thorough, and did not disrupt our day-to-day activities.  It was a very professional and enlightening experience for all of us at Ninety One!  We’re happy to be verified to the GIPS gold standard and we confidently recommend The Spaulding Group to any organization that is looking for a verifier.

Muzz Adams, Ninety One

McCullough Williams, III, Xponance

It is with pleasure that I am writing a recommendation for The Spaulding Group.

After working with the same verification form for a number of years, we decided it was time to see what other verifiers had to offer. After speaking with The Spaulding Group , it was clear that their expertise, high level of service, and efficient approach to verification were what we were looking for.

We are happy that we decided to make the change to The Spaulding Group. Not only have they saved us time and energy, but they have given us a very high level of confidence in our claim of compliance. I recommend The Spaulding Group to any firm that is looking for a verifier.

McCullough Williams, III, Xponance

Hillary Sunderland, Beacon Wealth

When we decided to bring our firm into compliance with the GIPS standards, we knew we would need to find a verification firm that could not only conduct our verifications, but also provide us with guidance, support and tools to help us achieve compliance, first. We found all of this with The Spaulding Group.

The educational materials, books, tools, and templates they provided us were extremely helpful. Our verifier was very knowledgeable and experienced and left us feeling confident in our claim of compliance.

The Spaulding Group is a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a verification firm.

Hillary Sunderland, Beacon Wealth

Ryan Farias CFA, Segment Wealth Management, Inc.

When looking for a verification firm, we wanted to work with a firm that could provide us with expertise, insight, and a thorough and efficient process. We found all of these with The Spaulding Group.

The verification went very well and it was great working with their team.

Our verifier was always prompt to respond to our questions and worked hard to get everything done in a timely manner. Our verifier was also very detailed and gave us great suggestions for improving our reporting, disclosures, and performance policies and procedures manual. I highly recommend The Spaulding Group.

Ryan Farias CFA, Segment Wealth Management, Inc.

Michele D. Hubley, Appleton Partners, Inc.

We took the decision of hiring a GIPS verification firm very seriously and screened a number of firms before narrowing our selection. A team of four of us met with each firm, focused on quality, experience, service and reputation. After careful scrutiny and weighing the pros and cons of each firm, it was clear that The Spaulding Group was the right fit for us.

They had the combination of senior-level expertise, industry and technical experience, tools and templates, and ongoing support we needed. From our pre-verification call, to initial on-site visit, to the follow up process and confirmation of verification, each step proceeded as it had been explained. Our verifier was extremely professional and competent, and was a terrific resource for us.

We had an excellent experience with The Spaulding Group. It was a pleasure to work with them and they guided us through what could have been a complicated and overwhelming process. Their straightforward approach made the process efficient and through. I would heartily recommend The Spaulding Group to anyone looking for a GIPS verification firm.

Michele D. Hubley, Appleton Partners, Inc.

Why Should My Firm Be GIPS Compliant?

At one time, firms had a distinct advantage by complying with the GIPS® standards. Today, GIPS compliance and verification are de facto requirements in many markets, and firms that don’t claim GIPS compliance and have their claim verified, are not considered for RFPs.

Additionally, the demand and interest in GIPS compliance and verification has grown well beyond traditional asset managers.  Today, hedge funds, private equity, real estate, OCIOs/consultants, credit shops, and asset owners are claiming compliance in larger numbers. 

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Firms that claim GIPS compliance demonstrate a commitment to globally accepted ethical best-practices.  By adopting the Standards, your firm will develop strong internal controls which allow you to provide potential investors with a high level of confidence in the integrity of your performance presentations. 

The GIPS standards are a globally accepted methodology that is relied upon by investment firms, their clients, and prospective clients for calculating and presenting their firm’s performance history by ensuring consistency of investestment firm results.

Your prospective clients will have confidence that the historical performance you present is complete, consistent, and fairly represented.

I Am Looking For A New GIPS Standards Verifier.

If you are not completely satisfied with your verifier, we can help.

As the only true “boutique” GIPS standards verification firm, our clients receive the highest level of service and value. Our goal is not to be the biggest in the world: it is to be the best.

So, whether you are just starting to think about compliance, or are already compliant and verified, but are:

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  • frustrated with annual price increases from your verifier
  • sick of “never-ending” verifications
  • annoyed that you have to work with new entry/junior-level verifiers year-after-year (who you get to train!)
  • tired of answering the same questions every year
  • irked that your current verifier is trying to lock you into a long-term contract
  • irritated that you feel like a small fish in too big a pond

Or, you just want a GIPS verifier who:

  • truly values having you as a client
  • supports you with highly experienced GIPS and performance experts who deeply understand the Standards, know the pitfalls, and know the shortcuts
  • comes onsite annually, ensuring both a thorough, and also highly efficient verification (no more constant requests for more data, and unrelenting, never-ending back-and-forth)
  • conducts a thorough and efficient verification (at a convenient time chosen by you, not them)
  • provides you with exclusive access to a client-only “Insiders'” website chock-full of tools, templates, checklists, great content, and an ever-growing list of helpful resources
  • promptly answers your questions
  • gives you actionable, practical, and pragmatic insights (not a simple regurgitation of the Standards)

We would like to talk with you!

We will help make GIPS compliance and verification as easy as possible for you and your firm, and we want to be your partner in GIPS compliance.

Just complete this short GIPS Verification Questionnaire, and we will be in touch shortly.

Why Choose The Spaulding Group?

With The Spaulding Group, you will be supported by the most experienced team of GIPS standards specialists in the world. Each is a recognized expert on the GIPS standards and performance measurement.

Unlike our competitors, with The Spaulding Group you will work with ONLY highly experienced, senior-level experts.  No junior/entry level staff.  This ensures an efficient and thorough verification process.

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Our clients never have to deal with “constant back-and-forth” or “never-ending verifications.”  GIPS is not easy, but it should not be painful.

We also provide more ongoing support and added value than any of our competitors.  This includes access to a proprietary suite of tools, templates, checklists, videos, and other materials to ensure compliance is as smooth as possible for you and your firm.

To find out more, please complete our short GIPS Verification Questionnaire and we will put together a no-obligation proposal for you.

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