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Comment in a courteous manner, please…

by | Sep 27, 2011

This blog has been around for more than two years, and I thank those who have taken the time to follow it, post comments and critiques, and contribute to its success. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to comment on the blog. Perhaps there haven’t been as many as I would have hoped for or expected, but still a fair number have come in.

Many have commented anonymously, which until recently has been fine. But over the past few weeks I’ve been sent a couple comments which either bordered on rudeness or were patronizing: they didn’t get posted. While I appreciate all comments submitted, I will not publish rude or arrogant ones. The blog is a medium for information and education for the industry. Critiques and comments are welcome when presented in a professional and respectful manner. While I embrace the new social media, and the freedom of information and voice it provides us, I am also a firm believer in professionalism, courtesy and etiquette.

Have an opinion that differs from mine? Think that I made an error or that I’m wrong? I am more than happy to post it. Case in point: Brian Chapman sent me a comment correcting something I had written relating to what the GIPS return means. It got posted, and I appreciated him sharing this. In fact, it resulted in another blog post.

Be professional and it will be posted. Going forward, I will avoid publishing anonymous submissions: please identify yourself. If you can’t do this for some reason, then send me an email along with the post, and I’ll consider releasing it. Thanks!