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The institutionally recognized boutique performance measurement consulting and
GIPS® standards specialist firm serving the investment industry

GIPS Standards Verification

Thorough and efficient GIPS standards verification by senior-level experts.
We know the pitfalls and we know the solutions. We will help make compliance and verification as easy as possible for you and your firm.

Performance Certification

Market your performance with confidence and open the door to new and bigger opportunities

Expert Consulting

Operations reviews, systems consulting, after-tax, and customized solutions.


Gain the critical investment performance, attribution, risk and GIPS standards knowledge, skills, and insights you need.


Learn from top industry experts and interact with other practitioners.
In person & virtual events, interactive forums and membership groups.

What People Say About us

“The Spaulding Group made the entire process of becoming compliant and verified as simple as possible. They cleared away the confusion and explained the complexities of GIPS in a clear, practical way.

I strongly recommend The Spaulding Group to any firm looking for a GIPS verifier.”

Kevin Maeda, Active Index Advisors (Natixis)

“We have implemented what we have learned from past forums that resulted in major benefits to our performance measurement accuracy and efficiency. Forum members are credible and experienced and are relevant to our needs.”

Tim Flanagan, AllState Insurance

“I haven’t been to the Forum for three years. After ‘coming back’ I’m reminded what a high value, high return investment the Forum is. Attending the Forum is one of the best decisions you can ever make. I’ve been part of the Forum for almost 15 years and in my opinion, the Forum meetings are more relevant and useful than other industry conferences.”

Tricia Bailey, CIPM

“The Spaulding Group’s events are a cost effective way to train and keep my staff up to date on topics related to performance measurement, attribution, risk and the GIPS standards. It also provides us with an opportunity to get together and ask questions from industry experts that we would not otherwise have access to.”

Cinda Whitten, Principal Global Investors

“The Spaulding Group has successfully positioned itself into the center of the performance world.”

Jed Schneider CIPM

“We’ve worked with The Spaulding Group for almost five years and highly recommend them to any firm looking to become GIPS compliant or considering a change in verifiers. Their verifiers are knowledgeable and they complete their work in a timely manner and are very responsive to our questions.”

Robert E. Miller, CFA, Frontier Asset Management

“PMAR has become the must attend performance and risk conference. From the timely topics to the world class speakers, this conference has it all. It is also entertaining and well organized. Run, don’t walk to this conference.”

Tom Jacobs, Ivy Investments

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20th Annual PMAR North America Conference


May 10-11, 2022

“PMAR is the best performance conference I’ve ever attended.”
Daniel Siliski, CAIA

20th Annual PMAR North America Conference


May 10-11, 2022

“PMAR is the best performance conference I’ve ever attended.”
Daniel Siliski, CAIA